Pirelli launches Connesso integrated tyre sensor, app, cloud system

Wednesday 8th March 2017 | 0 Comments

The Connesso user experience is driver through a stylish smartphone app
The Connesso user experience is driver through a stylish smartphone app

While some firms used the Geneva Motor Show platform to communicate their vision for the future, Pirelli has launched some futuristic technology now in its Pirell Connesso system. In short, Pirelli Connesso is an integrated sensor, receiver, cloud and app platform that is designed to give motorists the most in-depth and near real-time status and service integration that has yet been offered.

In short Connesso, which is based on the Pirelli Cyber Tyre suit the Italian manufacturer revealed in 2005, works like this: An on-board sensor in the inner wall of the tyre reports pressure, temperature, and load data to a receiver unit in the car (these are available in black and white). This then communicates with both a smartphone app and a cloud server. The latter enables the system to offer further calculations relating to things like tyre wear, while also connecting the driver to the Pirelli retail network. From here the Connesso app will offer exclusive services such as indicating which motorsport events are taking place nearby, as well as giving the possibility to write reviews of tyre dealerships, in order to share opinions of service received and read the views of other users in the Pirelli Connesso community.

Pirelli Connesso will initially be available in 19-inch sizes and bigger on P Zero and Winter Sottozero for prestige cars. The first country where it will be offered will be the United States from summer 2017, where the platform has been developed in conjunction with leading companies from the digital world. After the USA, Pirelli Connesso will be available in principal markets within Europe and the Far East.

While the system is initially being offered as a replacement market option, Tyres & Accessories understands that Pirelli is in discussion with certain manufacturers with a view to making the system available as original equipment as well.

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