Audi Q8 factory-fitted with Hankook tyres in Europe, North America

Three Hankook tyre models have been chosen as original equipment for the new Audi Q8. Customers in Europe can receive their crossover fitted with a size 285/45 R21 113 Y XL Ventus S1 evo 3 SUV or, if selecting a winter tyre, the Winter i*cept evo 2 SUV in 285/45 R21 113 V XL. In North America, the Hankook Dynapro HP 2 Plus will be an original equipment tyre for the Audi Q8 in sizes 275/50 R20 113H X, 285/45 R21 113H XL and 285/40 R22 110H XL. Hankook Tire reports that further dimensions will follow.

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