MAM Software releases SalesRep app

MAM Software has announced the launch of its SalesRep tablet software. MAM’s second tablet app, SalesRep is designed to empower field-based sales representatives to strengthen customer relationships and improve productivity.

Available for Apple and selected Android tablets, SalesRep has been designed to enhance the way in which sales representatives conduct business while on-the-go. Communicating directly with their MAM business management software via Wi-Fi or 3G, SalesRep gives staff instant access to extensive customer information such as contact details, account information and transaction history. Any information entered into SalesRep is instantly reflected at the branch or head office.

“The mobile space is becoming increasingly relevant in all areas of business, with companies looking to leverage portable technology to improve business operations,” said Mike Jamieson, CEO at MAM Software. “MAM SalesRep is the result of our continued investment in cloud and mobile solutions, and a great example of how utilising the latest technological advancements can deliver tangible benefits to our customers.”

Livingston Autoparts Ltd, a Scotland-based motor factor which took part in the trials, has already experienced significant benefits using SalesRep, as sales director Chris Burnside explained: “SalesRep is a powerful app that gives us instant access to vital information from our Autopart system, which allows our staff to improve customer communication.”

SalesRep enhances customer service with the ability to chase back-orders, check stock availability, re-order stock and add notes to customer accounts. It allows staff to conduct impress stock checks and create replenishment orders straight from the app. It also shows related or alternative items to help generate extra revenue.

Chris Burnside continued: “We’ve also been using SalesRep to create orders for our customers. This not only allows us to increase our sales, it also keeps our customers happy. SalesRep is proving to be an invaluable tool for us and we look forward to taking advantage of more of its features in the future.”
SalesRep’s graphs and charts enable staff to visualise customers’ buying patterns over a 12 month period in terms of unit sales and sales value, making it easier to identify trends and highlight opportunities for improvement. SalesRep’s benchmark report allows staff to select up to 10 product categories and profile percentage spend against branch averages. This allows users to generate extra revenue by identifying where a customer could be spending more or which product categories they could be buying from competitors.

MAM Software’s Mike Jamieson said: “We take security very seriously with our software solutions and the secure login will help protect important information in the event the device is lost, stolen or picked up by another user. SalesRep, like all of our products, will undergo continued development to ensure it delivers the maximum benefit and will help sales representatives significantly improve customer service on visits.”

SalesRep is available for a range of MAM business management solutions, including Autopart, Autopart Tyres and Trader.


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