Klarius strengthens Staffordshire University partnership

Staffordshire University’s Business Breakfast during National Apprenticeship Week

The UK’s largest aftermarket manufacturer of emissions control components, Klarius Products showed its support for Staffordshire University by taking part in the institution’s Business Breakfast during National Apprenticeship Week. The company said this underlines the company’s commitment to place education at forefront of its strategy.

Staffordshire University’s Business Breakfasts are designed to foster collaboration between the university and local businesses, creating key opportunities for both parties to explore potential partnerships to deliver innovative products and services.

Klarius, based in Cheadle, was one of the key participants at the latest event, which took place in February 2020. Attending the Business Breakfast was another logical step for the organisation, which recognises the importance of apprenticeships and training activities to form new generations of highly skilled automotive specialists and technicians.

In line with this principle, Klarius is dedicated to providing continuing educational opportunities to students and staff, as well as establishing longstanding relationships with distinguished universities and training centres. Currently, the company is working closely with Staffordshire University and is investing in a number of apprentices.

Doug Bentley, head of research and development at Klarius, commented: “We were delighted to attend the event organised by Staffordshire University, during the National Apprenticeship Week. The occasion was particularly important for us, as Klarius’ success and continuous growth is based on the ever-evolving specialised knowledge and expertise of our workforce. This is why we value the collaboration with the local university and are happy to support modern apprenticeships. The event was crucial to identify opportunities, meet new people, discuss joint projects and look forward to future collaborations with Staffordshire University.”


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