Gratomic and Perpetuus partner in graphene tyre project

Canada-based Gratomic Inc. has signed a letter of collaboration with Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited to develop and market graphite-derived graphenes and graphene hybrids for tyre elastomers. According Gratomic, a number of end-user customers (which in this case means tyre manufacturers) are already road-testing tyres based on this material. Bicycle tyres, motorbike tyres, military tyres and race tyres are said to be key areas of interest.

As part of the first phase of an ongoing project, Gratomic says it will purchase and retain ownership of three specialised process tooling chambers at an aggregate cost of £300,000. These specialized tooling chambers will be housed in Perpetuus’ existing facility in the United Kingdom.

The Agreement contemplates the supply of Graphite from the Aukam Graphite mine in Namibia. Gratomic and Perpetuus will then share equally all proceeds of sales after deductions of operating costs and product purchasing costs.

Gratomic’s Chairman and CO-CEO Sheldon Inwentash stated: “I am extremely pleased to announce that the Gratomic Perpetuus agreement completes the first stage of the Gratomic strategic plan to establish the first vertically integrated Graphite to Graphene to mass market product.”

Ian Walters Director – Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited stated: “On road trials in the UK it has been duly established that the extra ordinary properties of the Gratomic Aukam Graphite derived graphenes provide enhancing properties for tyre elastomer tread formulations. These conclusions are scientifically evidenced and duly recorded by the fact that the graphene enhanced tyre tread significantly outperforms a comparative size but more expensive premier branded tyre. We can only conclude that the Gratomic Tire due to be launched later this year is well placed to revolutionise the commercial tyre market and establish the first Graphite mine to commercial exploitation “vertical” for graphenes derived from mined graphite.”


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