Graphene-enhanced tyre test results “a breakthrough in tyre technology”

Gratomic Inc., a Canadian company focused on the mine to market commercialisation of graphite products, reports positive results from extensive testing of its graphene-enhanced tyres. It views these results as a “breakthrough in tyre technology that warrants deployment into the global tyre market.”

The tests in question compared the tyres (which the company calls Gratomic Tires) against “globally recognised, premium brand tyres.” Testing took place over a six-month period as part of an 18-month development programme. Both the Gratomic Tires and the ‘brand tyres’ were fitted to high mileage light commercial vehicles that primarily travelled on A and B roads within the UK. The tyres’ performance was data logged throughout the entire test period.

Better mileage, efficiency & braking

According to Gratomic, the results of the road test show that the Gratomic Tires, which are enhanced with surface engineered graphenes, showed a greater than 30 per cent increase in wear resistance over the competing brand tyres. In other words, they provided an additional 30 per cent or greater mileage before needing to be replaced.

Furthermore, Gratomic shares that the results of testing carried out by industry experts employing industry standard dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) showed a “significant improvement” in rolling resistance performance. The company says fuel economy (miles per gallon) was improved by at least 30 per cent.

Finally, it says the results showed a greater than a 40 per cent improvement in both wet and ice braking.

Partnership with Perpetuus

“The initial six-month competitive terrain testing programme has demonstrated the economic benefits and advantages of including Gratomic’s graphite surface modified graphene fillers within tire elastomers,” said Ian Walters, chief operating officer of Perpetuus Carbon Technologies. Walters added: “The Gratomic tyres provided significantly improved performance when compared not only to mass market tyres but also premium brand tyres. I can confirm that Perpetuus scientists supervised all independent third-party industry expert performance analysis and also the data logged road testing exercise.”

Perpetuus is collaborating with Gratomic to develop and market material enhancing graphite derived graphenes and graphene hybrids for tyre elastomers. According to the partners’ collaboration agreement, Gratomic provides graphite from its Aukam project for processing by Perpetuus at its dedicated facility, using its patented plasma process, to produce Hybrid Graphenes (less than ten layers) to be included in elastomers for tyre construction for the development of Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET).

Potential 40% saving

“We see these results as a breakthrough in tyre technology and safety. We look forward to deploying nano-engineered graphenes enhanced passenger and light commercial tyres into the global tyre market,” said Sheldon Inwentash, chairman and co-ceo of Gratomic.

Mr. Ricketts, proprietor of a fleet of light commercial vehicles who collaborated in the vehicle performance testing, stated: “We have a fleet of vans delivering parts, six days a week, in all weathers and on all types of roads. The data collected during the exercise surpassed our expectations and has shown that Gratomic tyres outlasted the premier brand tyres. Potentially, we could make a 40 per cent saving on our annual tyre budget, and that’s a lot of money.”

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