Kumho extends partnership with ADAC safety foundation

For many years, Kumho Tire has supported projects organised by the ADAC, Europe’s largest motoring organisation. Its relationship with the German association includes support of the ‘Gelber Engel’ road-safety programme, and Kumho reports that this partnership has was extended ahead of the launch of a new roadshow that aims to bring road safety education to teenagers. The roadshow got under way yesterday and will visit no less than 30 venues across Germany.

“As a tyre manufacturer, traffic safety is of the utmost importance to us,” commented Charles Kim, president of Kumho Tire Europe GmbH. “Tyres are the only connection between a car and the road, and only good quality tyres permit a driver to stop quickly in unpredictable conditions, where every fraction of a second counts.

“For this reason our engineers work tirelessly to improve our products and their contribution to road safety,” Kim added. “However, only so much can be achieved by technology alone, and educating children about the inherent dangers of road traffic is the aim of every parent and school. For many years, the ADAC’s Verkehrswelt project has contributed a great deal to road safety. We applaud this commitment and consider ourselves fortunate to be an ongoing supporter of the organisation’s work.”

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