A versatile 4×4 option from Firenza

The Singapore-based Firenza brand, which is distributed by Stamford Tyres, offers a trio of tyres for the 4×4/SUV tyre sector which are designed to cover all applications.

The Firenza ST-185 incorporates four straight grooves with deep sipes for steady grip on both wet and dry road surfaces. A fully covered jointless band has been added to improve high speed performance and stability. The Firenza ST-185 is currently available in sizes from 265/60 R18 to 265/50 R20.

The Firenza HT-183 features an off-set shoulder block designed to increase road traction and grip, plus two ply steel sidewalls for improved protection against unexpected road hazards. The Firenza HT-183 is available in size options ranging from 245/70 R16 up to 265/65 R17.

The Firenza AT-186 offers an impressive combination of fine sipes and large drainage slots for  smooth ride comfort as well as superior off-road handling plus centre blocks and shoulder lugs effectively reduce noise frequency levels. The Firenza AT-186 is currently available in sizes from 275/70 R17 through to 31.10.50 R15LT 6PR.

Finally Firenza also intends to launch a fourth, new MT 383 4×4 off-road tyre during the course of this year. The idea is to offer a pattern to suit all off-road surfaces and conditions.

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