Strathclyde Tyres joins Horndean Tyres as investor in CAM UniSerV platform

Truck and car tyre retailer Strathclyde Tyres has joined Hampshire’s Horndean Tyres in introducing CAM’s UniSerV platform. The Scottish retailer is expanding its operations, and the further investment in technology platforms will enable it to offer local authority contracts paperless and streamlined job sheet processing and invoicing. Horndean will seek to improve connectivity with its truck and earthmover customers, increasing efficiency through the tablet-based electronic jobsheet, which will be used by its 12 fitters in the field.

Following its successful adoption of Cameo, Strathclyde will introduce CAM’s tablet, document management and casing management modules through its commitment to UniSerV. The UniSerV platform includes features such as call logging, customer policy and contract management, as well as tablet technology.  UniSerV also integrates seamlessly into Cameo, enabling systemised updating of stock and near real-time invoicing.

Debbie Tracey, director of Strathclyde Tyres, says: “Our business has doubled in the last five years so we need our systems to be robust and scalable as we continue to grow.  Cameo has served us very effectively since we introduced it in 2010 so it made sound business sense to look at CAM’s solutions for the next phase of our expansion. We’re confident significant cost-time savings will be gained by automating the considerable number of transactions we generate making us more efficient, with minimum effort from the business.”

Mike Allen, managing director at CAM, comments: “The UniSerV application suite will enable Strathclyde Tyres to enhance its customer service even further, especially to local authorities which demand seamless, paperless, hassle-free processes.  This latest investment will only serve to bolster its customer satisfaction and lead to continued growth.”

Having used Cameo for three years, Horndean Tyres has extended its business with CAM, signing up for CAMGL.  This will allow the tyre operator to centralise many operational functions into its head office, reducing administration in the field and making the business paperless. UniServ will capture Horndean Tyres’ job information in real time and send the details out to its fitters via the tablets who will then transmit a report back to head office once they are completed for invoicing immediately.

Dave Parker, Horndean Tyres’ general manager, says: “I’m very familiar with CAM’s technologies having worked with its platforms during my career.  We understand the efficiencies the systems can deliver, linking us up more effectively with our customers, making our service far more efficient and cost-effective.  As we continue to grow and expand, more and more of our customers will need to be seamlessly connected with us and UniSerV will enable us to achieve this to future proof the business.”

Mike Allen, managing director of CAM, adds: “Dave has an indepth understanding of how our platforms can benefit tyre depots in reducing paper-heavy processes and burdensome administration to focus on streamlined, efficient processes.  By signing up now, Horndean Tyres can participate in our UniSerV user group community, which will be discussing the direction of our specialised UniSerV software for the commercial tyre industry at its first meeting in October.”


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