Starco launches YouTube channel

Starco has introduced a further enhancement to its new website, publishing a series of videos about the company and its activities and products. “Continuing to grow and become a global company is exciting, but it also presents many new challenges”, explains Group marketing manager Brian Lorentzen.

“The new website and all our other external communications initiatives target a global audience; our companies in 22 countries serve a wider range of products to a rapidly growing number of customers, many of whom will be meeting our company or specific products for the first time. This gives Starco greater need to communicate and inform.

Starco believes that its focus on “engineering expertise, manufacturing quality, logistics and customer service” mean that new visual presentations and more detailed information are required to increase customers’ insight into the company’s activities. “Whilst we are always competitive, the product is only one of many important parameters on which we compete,” said Lorentzen. “Our new web platform, which integrates the corporate and regional websites with an online catalogue and web shop, has been designed to give our customers greater insight into our products and services – and to the many tangible values which make Starco products world class. With the latest videos customers worldwide can learn about our production expertise and capacities, and experience our various manufacturing and assembly operations in our factories and distribution centres worldwide.”

The videos and improved web presence are also designed to display “the global resources and expertise within Starco, on which our customers can draw when selecting special wheels for almost any application,” Lorenzen adds. “Whereas we were once a group of companies with different products and activities in each region, we are now able to promote and deliver a comprehensive range of products and services.”

The videos are accessible via, or Starco’s YouTube channel.


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