Emissions Analytics on tyre particle pollution: Change has to come

Emissions Analytics aren’t satisfied with the lack of regulation associated with NEE

One effect of regulatory-driven decreases in vehicle emissions is that other kinds of pollution become comparatively higher. The contribution of tyres to overall transportation pollution has been scrutinised on a number of occasions, and opinions on the matter vary. Emissions Analytics now brings the issue of tyre pollution back to the table, flagging up that they’re much more polluting than car exhausts.

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Stephen March 9, 2020
That's right, the results certainly seem to represent a worst-case scenario. Details from the EA newsletter can be read here https://www.emissionsanalytics.com/news/2020/1/28/tyres-not-tailpipe
Graham March 6, 2020
Remember the £350 million? Emission Analytics omit to reveal the test conditions deployed to achieve the extreme tyre wear rate: budget tyres, vehicle heavily loaded and driven on a test-track with Top-Gear presenter driving style. The EA newsletter of 29th Jan reveals all.
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