Corghi garage equipment manufacturer Nexion Group confirms Covid-19 shutdown

The Nexion Group has suspended all activities at its Italian factories and offices until Sunday 29 March. The company had managed the situation by minimising risk to its employees while continuing some business functions until now but has taken the decision to enact the closure based on current circumstances. The company, best known for the Corghi brand of garage machinery distributed by Rema Tip Top UK, states that it will use the closure as an opportunity to “check, improve and guarantee” health and safety measures currently in place at its plants.

The Nexion Group posted the following statement across the websites and social media of its brands, Corghi, Mondolfo Ferro, Sice, HPA Faip, and Tecnomotor:

“As is well known, the World Health Organization has officially recognized the propagation of COVID-19 as a “pandemic” and the Italian Government has issued various decrees aimed to contain and manage the health emergency throughout the country.

“During the last weeks, we’ve been working actively to face this situation in order on one side to minimize the risk of our employees’ health (actions taken: suspension of all business trips and training courses, reduction of the physical meetings by preferring the ones in virtual mode, smart-working procedure, shift working when possible) and on the other to ensure the operational continuity to our customers.

“But now, based on the current circumstances, we have decided to intervene more decidedly to protect our employees’ health, their families and the whole community too by suspending all activities of the Italian factories, as from today till March 29th.

“We’ll use profitably this closing to check, improve and guarantee that all our plants will be at a maximum level both of health and safety when we’ll be back to work, because we’re aware that the only way to defeat the COVID-19 is to stop the contagion, and to do that the individual responsibility and the protected working places are needed. We are well conscious of the discomfort that this action will cause, but the strong exceptional situation in which we are all involved requires exceptional interventions and a great sense of responsibility.

“During this closing period, the after-sales toll-free number for Italy and the export email address will be active.

“We will try to give you support in the shortest possible time, compatibly with the current situation. During the closing period, the management and shipment of spare parts will be suspended.

“We care about our employees as well as our customers and we are sure that at the end of this emergency we will be able to start all together to confirm the excellence in our relationships and our products.”


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