Bridgestone Enliten tyre technology a sign of commitment to CASE future

The world’s largest tyre manufacturer has outlined how its latest technologies and partnerships with leading car manufacturers are to help it increase sustainability in 2020. Bridgestone states that its car manufacturer partners sought its expertise on various partnerships throughout 2019, including ground-breaking CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) projects, and the performance benefits of new tyre technologies, such as its Enliten technology, which it plans to extend to an increasing number of tyres this year. Bridgestone said these partnerships led to approximately 100 new original fitments in the EMEA region, similar to its ‘best-ever’ 2018 OE results, spread across more than 50 different models from 14 manufacturers. The tyre manufacturer’s 18” diameter or greater OEM fitments have increased by over 10 per cent since 2018, it added.

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