2 Yokohama tyres OE on latest Porsche Cayenne

Yokohama Advan Sport V105 (l) & Avid GT

Yokohama tyres have been fitted as original equipment on the Porsche Cayenne since the SUV was first introduced in 2002. This partnership has continued through to the third-generation Cayenne – Yokohama Rubber shares that two of its tyre models are being supplied as original equipment.

The Porsche wears the Yokohama Advan Sport V105 in sizes 285/35ZR22 (106Y) on the front and 315/30ZR22 (107Y) at the rear in a number of regions, including Europe. The tyre fitted to the Cayenne was developed together with Porsche, a collaboration denoted by the ‘N0’ mark on the sidewall of each tyre, which indicates Porsche’s approval.

A second original equipment tyre fitted in certain markets in the Yokohama Avid GT, a tyre that brings BluEarth design elements and technologies to the Avid passenger car tyre range previously sold in North America. The Avid GT is the first all-season tyre that Yokohama has provided to Porsche as original equipment. It is supplying the tyre to the Cayenne in 20- and 21-inch sizes; vehicles with the smaller rim size can wear the Avid GT with size 275/45R20 110V tyres at the front and size 305/40R20 112V at the rear. Cayenne SUVs with 21-inch rims can have 285/40R21 109V size front tyres and 315/35R21 111V rear tyres.


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