Igniting change – SMPE engineers new ignition coil technology

SMPE introduces its line of multicharge ignition coils

Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE) has become one of the first to market with a range of multicharge ignition coils, recently introduced on GDI (gasoline direct engines).

Having grown its engineering workforce and revamped its Nottingham workshop facilities to aid the rapid prototyping and introduction of new products, SMPE is at the forefront of ignition coil technology.

Multicharge ignition coils are designed to fire multiple times per cycle. In standard ignition coils, the initial dwell time of the coil determines its primary current via the amount of primary windings. Multicharge coils differ in that after the initial spark, the coil is then sparked multiple times, which is possible due to the much shorter dwell time than standard ignition coils.

The construction of a multicharge ignition coil is also different in that it has a single primary winding layer, allowing it to collapse easier due to its lower resistance, which in turn engages the secondary winding connected to the high voltage output of the coil.

As the initial spark is followed by several additional sparks, it allows for an extended spark duration that produces more spark energy, optimising combustion in gasoline direct ignition (GDI) engines. More economical injection is also achieved thanks to higher efficiency in the combustion process, minimising soot and particulate emissions, therefore boosting fuel economy.

As part of a substantial investment programme, SMPE is developing innovative powertrain technologies that meet both current and future vehicle regulations.

The focus on Nottingham as an engineering centre of excellence complements the company’s growth throughout Europe, with a new production facility in Poland to meet the increased demand from mainland European customers.

Recently, both SMPE facilities successfully achieved the management system standard ISO14001:2015, underlining the company’s commitment to tier 1 customers and improved environmental performance.

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