Directa Plus collaboration: graphene to boost Marangoni retreading performance

Dino Maggioni (l) and Giulio Cesareo shake on the new agreement between Marangoni and Directa Plus

The performance of Marangoni retreading products is expected to benefit from a new strategic collaboration between Marangoni and Directa Plus plc, a leading producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets. Under the terms of the agreement, both Marangoni and Directa plus will work together to develop a bespoke version of the Directa’s Graphene Plus (G+) for use in Marangoni truck and bus tyre retreading compounds.

Directa Plus will commence work immediately with Marangoni to develop a bespoke G+ product to be used in Marangoni’s retreading compounds. The incorporation of G+ is expected to improve tyre performance by increasing grip, durability and fuel efficiency. Directa’s patented production process is 100 per cent chemical free.

According to Marangoni and Directa Plus, the agreement is “built on a shared vision of combining scientific innovation with a leading-edge tyre technology.” The new partners add: “Marangoni’s involvement in the retreading industry embodies the transition from the linear economy to the circular economy, whereby maximum value is extracted from the planet’s resources by keeping them in use for as long as possible.”

“The collaboration with Directa Plus is aimed at doing a quantum leap for the performance of our retreading solutions by perfecting the use of graphene,” said Dino Maggioni, chief executive officer of Marangoni. “After a comprehensive exploration of the existing technology providers, we found a perfect alignment with Directa Plus. We strongly believe that joining forces with them will allow us to shorten our time to market in our quest of providing products having superior durability and rolling resistance as well as outreach our environmental sustainability roadmap.”

Giulio Cesareo, chief executive officer of Directa Plus, said: “Marangoni’s approach to tyre retreading is fully aligned with our core principle of using technology to promote environmental sustainability. This is why we are excited to demonstrate how the positive benefits of G+ can further improve Marangoni’s truck tyre retreading compounds. Our team already has experience of successfully tailoring and developing bespoke G+ to enhance commercially available tyres. We look forward working with Marangoni to move to market the latest ideas we developed for tyre applications and thereby helping to reduce the environmental impact of tyre disposal around the world.”

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