Barry Shaddick upscales from e-jobsheet with CAM’s UniSerV platform

Commercial service provider Barry Shaddick has moved from stand-alone e-jobsheet user to a fully integrated solution based on CAM’s UniSerV platform. The company, located in the south-west of the UK, has invested as the next step in its systems development to provide greater professionalism and connectivity in support of its tyre service work across its commercial depots.

UniSerV promises time savings and efficiencies when tyre service jobs are launched in near real time to mobile fitters using the open-access, cloud-based e-jobsheet. It also helps to increase transparency of the job data for stock and billing purposes.

Barry Shaddick, managing director of Barry Shaddick, says: “As a stand-alone e-jobsheet user for the past 18 months we have seen the significant presentation and accuracy benefits this open-architecture, digital tablet-based work exchange for truck, bus and van can deliver.  It was only natural that we would move to a more integrated and connected approach with CAM, driven by its proven UniSerV platform.”

Mike Allen, managing director of CAM, addd: “Barry Shaddick’s commitment to integration will bring great benefit to its customers as well as present a more accurate, timely and professional means of issuing work directly from its system to its mobile fitters and receiving the resultant completed job data back from the field.  This is a big step towards a more connected tyre service future for the company.”

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