Central Tyre continues Fulda exclusivity with Goodyear Dunlop

Goodyear Dunlop brand Fulda will continue to be available to commercial fleets exclusively at Central Tyre in the UK, after extending its exclusive supply agreement to a second year. Central said this is an important part of the wider strategic partnership between Goodyear Dunlop and the ETEL group, which spans several UK market sectors.

Goodyear Dunlop said that “following the unexpected political events of 2016,” the UK market’s “prudent” operation within the turbulence meant that fleet customers are “demanding loyalty, good products and reliable service.” Both companies believe the partnership provides a “compelling choice” for customers.

Hajime Mori, director at Central Tyre, said: “We are at a crucial time within the UK market where the customer’s trust in companies, brands and products is of highest importance.  No-one can be certain what the future looks like, so we need to focus on what is vital for the market to survive, and that is the customer.  At Central Tyre we pride ourselves on our excellent level of customer service. We carefully evaluate our customer’s needs so that we can recommend the right tyre for them, and we know that that is also Fulda’s philosophy.”

Goodyear Dunlop says Fulda offers four key selling points: “German engineering, saving money, trusted by retailers and shorter braking distances”. The brand has recently added the Ecocontrol 2+ steer tyre and Ecoforce 2+ drive tyre, both designed as all season tyres while providing more mileage for the customer.

Central Tyres has recommended Fulda to many of its existing and potential fleet customers, both local and regional.

Mori commented that exclusivity of Fulda tyres is important to Central Tyre: “The collaboration provides a unique solution for most operators in the UK. Fulda is the smart choice in tyres, and Central Tyre as the smart choice for exceptional customer service.”

Supplied exclusively in all 35 strategically positioned Central Tyre depots across the UK, customers can benefit from the same deals and offers wherever they are.

Marc Preedy, commercial director at Goodyear Dunlop commented on the partnership with Central Tyre: “Both sides have benefited greatly from this relationship. Central Tyre has enjoyed the exclusivity of its own brand for the last two years, and we have enjoyed being part of the journey, growing with both Central Tyre and the ETEL group as a whole. I look forward to seeing the relationship develop and grow further.”

Mori believes the relationship has been a success. He said:  “We are both strong businesses within the UK market. We have good reputations and are well trusted by our customers. This is very important right now, and we need to maintain our customer focus to continue to grow and strengthen.  Central Tyre has been serving in the UK market for 50 years. We want to be with the  Fulda brand for the next 50.”

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