Fulda launches Ecotonn 2 HL high load trailer tyre to optimise payload capacities

The Fulda Ecotonn 2 in size 385 65 R225 High Load

Fulda has launched the Ecotonn 2 HL high load trailer tyre to meet the demands of truck operators to increase payloads. Nearly 80 per cent of European countries now permit maximum permitted vehicle weights in excess of 40 tonnes, and operators naturally want to optimise the capacity of their vehicles. The Goodyear Dunlop brand has therefore introduced the new 385/65R22.5, allowing 10-tonne axle weights so that trailers can carry greater payloads.

In addition to its increased capacity, the 385/65R22.5 Ecotonn 2 HL, which has a load index of 164K/158L, has the M+S marking for winter performances, while the EU tyre label grades endorse its good fuel economy, wet grip and low noise.

“The attractive price levels of Fulda truck tyres along with the benefits offered by the new Ecotonn 2 HL 10 tonne trailer tyres makes this tyre a very attractive choice for fleets,” said Marc Preedy, commercial director, Goodyear Dunlop UK. “The new tyre not only allows operators to make maximum use of increasing permitted weights but also carries the M+S winter classification and features a robust construction for longer life.”

As well as the robust carcass construction, which provides a high level of retreadability, the tread has six wide ribs designed to withstand the stresses experienced by trailer tyres. This gives high mileage and good resistance to damage. Groove design comprises wide, zig-zag grooves that provide many gripping edges to the circumferential ribs as they go through the footprint. This means a better braking performance on both dry and wet roads.

The tyre’s fuel economy and braking performance are demonstrated by B grades in fuel economy and wet grip, as well as boasting the lowest noise rating of one audio wave and a figure of 69dB.

The new Fulda 385/65R22.5 Ecotonn 2 HL replaces the standard version, is regroovable and retreadable, and is available now.

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