Chelsea FC playing a role in Yokohama’s Youth Soccer engagement

YTC is now the official tyre sponsor of US Youth Soccer

Yokohama Rubber’s North American manufacturing and sales operation has signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with US Youth Soccer. The agreement names Yokohama Tire Corporation (YTC) as the “Official Tire Sponsor of US Youth Soccer” and also gives YTC title sponsorship of the Yokohama Skills Challenge, a US-wide tour designed to help children of all ages develop a variety of core football skills in a fun, engaging way.

“US Youth Soccer is the largest youth sports organisation in the country and a remarkable group to partner with,” said Alan Holtschneider, director of marketing at YTC. “Through soccer, they teach the value of teamwork to millions of children across the country. We’re glad to support them with opportunities like the Yokohama Skills Challenge, which will help keep kids active by developing fundamental soccer skills.”

The Yokohama Skills Challenge presents an opportunity for Yokohama to activate its partnership with Premier League club Chelsea FC. The Challenge will provide involvement for the Chelsea FC Foundation coaches to assist with the programme, as well as offering and player clinics in select markets.

As an official sponsor of US Youth Soccer, Yokohama will also receive a sponsor page on US Youth Soccer’s website, online and print advertising in US Youth Soccer publications, social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, branding at US Youth Soccer events and more.

“We recognise the countless hours our dedicated members spend on the road each year, and we are fortunate to have a dynamic, proactive sponsor like Yokohama Tire join the US Youth Soccer family,” said Christopher Moore, US Youth Soccer’s chief executive officer. “Their ongoing participation, especially with the Yokohama Skills Challenge, will definitely make a difference in children’s lives and help support our mission, which is to cultivate the growth and development of America’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels, and to make it fun so it becomes a lifelong passion.”


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