Supertracker to take wheel alignment ‘to the fields’ in 2017

Southampton wheel alignment equipment supplier Supertracker will expand its product range in the early part of 2017 to include a new model for the agricultural market. Final tests have recently been completed on the laser-based four-wheel aligner, which Supertracker says will guarantee accurate results alongside ease of use. Modern tractors’ ability to travel at speeds of up to forty miles an hour have led some established and potential Supertracker customers to enquire about wheel aligners for agricultural vehicles, which the company states will open up a new avenue of sales opportunity.

Supertracker currently presents a product range including five different computer aligners. These systems comprise a 3D system, two types of eight-sensor systems, and a six sensor system for cars as well as one designed for trucks. The company says it will continue to build on that success and create new evolving alignment products to continually meet the changing demands of the industry.

Supertracker will celebrate 30 years of trading in July 2017. Modern alignment services represent a lucrative “profit centre” across vehicle related services, including tyre replacement and the repair sectors, it says.

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