Michelin issued inconsequential noncompliance by NHTSA

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued an inconsequential noncompliance to Michelin North America’s petition for its 186 Uniroyal Tiger Paw AWP II passenger tyres.

The P215/70R15 97T tyres were manufactured between 10 and 13 January 2016 and incorrectly labelled after two digits in the DOT code were swapped accidently. As a result, the date code reads “0126,” indicating the first week of 2026, instead of correct “0216”.

Because Michelin will change the code for the plant in question to a three-digit number by April 2025, it is impossible that any tyres manufactured at that plant in January 2026 will have identical tyre identification numbers to those named in the petition, Michelin said in a statement on the matter.

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