Hamaton Ltd expanding UK warehouse

After the firm’s official opening in the UK in early 2015, specialist TPMS and valve manufacturer Hamaton Ltd reports it is pleased to look back on a year that has seen the business go from strength to strength, with increasing sales and an enhanced reputation developing throughout the global TPMS market. One sign of this is the firm’s decision to move to large UK premises.

As a result of the firm’s expansion in Europe, Hamaton Ltd in the UK now requires increased office and warehouse space to accommodate their growing sales team and distribution centre. This has resulted in the business moving to a bigger unit, due to open in January 2017, which will give the business the ability to store an increased amount of stock – allowing them to provide customers with larger quantities of products from their extensive TPMS and traditional tyre valve range.

Part of the Hamaton Automotive Technology Co. Group based in China, Hamaton Ltd is the European headquarters for the business, and has already established a strong network of distribution partners across the continent.

One particular focus area for the business in Europe is the highly competitive German market. During the coldest months, due to snow and ice on the roads, German law requires that drivers change over to their winter tyres. As it is recommended that sensors are serviced every time a tyre is replaced to maintain efficiency, Hamaton Ltd have been able to develop substantial brand awareness for their service parts in Germany, as well as many other European countries.

Since the legislation requiring all new cars to be fitted with TPMS came into effect in November 2014, most OE sensors are likely to start failing in the near future due to their expected battery life of approximately 7 years. This means that in the coming years, many sensors will start requiring replacement, which is expected to generate a progressive increase in demand for Hamaton’s sensors. In addition to this, the rising popularity of direct TPMS sensors over less reliable indirect systems is predicted to bring further trade to the business, “as more and more passenger cars are likely to be equipped with direct TPMS in the future,” Hamaton Ltd’s managing director, Martin Blakey, confirmed.

The continual success of Hamaton Ltd recently inspired the company to open a new headquarters in North America in November 2016. Located in Wixom, Michigan, Hamaton Inc. aims to bring local support to their US customer base.

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