Nokian launches new SUV, van ranges

Half a dozen new SUV lines have entered Nokian Tyres’ summer tyre portfolio, and the Finnish manufacturer also reports that it has added to its van tyre range.

European consumers receive three new tyres, the Nokian zLine SUV, Nokian Line SUV and Nokian Rotiiva HT. The first of these is described by Nokian as a tyre that “gives high performance and precision, and it retains control even under extreme situations.” Its stablemate the Nokian Line SUV is fine-tuned for small and mid-sized SUV vehicles and the manufacturer calls it the “correct choice for drivers who value safe driving, performance, and driving comfort in both urban traffic and on country roads.” The Nokian Rotiiva HT, designed for light trucks, larger SUVs, and pickups, will be launched on the global market during the autumn. Nokian says it is a reliable performer on asphalt and gravel alike.

A further three tyre lines – the Nokian Hakka Black SUV, Nokian Hakka Blue SUV and Nokian Nordman S – are aimed at the Nordic countries and Russia. The Hakka Blue SUV is aimed at drivers of small and mid-size SUVs; Nokian states that this tyre “offers uncompromisingly safe and comfortable travel from the first moments of spring until long into the autumn.” The Nokian Hakka Black SUV is designed for the largest SUVs. “It exudes power and precise handling and, like its little brother, it will be available to consumers in a comprehensive selection of sizes in the spring of 2015,” says Nokian. The Hakka range of summer tyres designed for the Nordic countries and Russia is supplemented by the Nokian Nordman S SUV, a tyre intended for older and smaller SUVs.

New van lines

The Nokian cLine is the Finnish tyre maker’s new van tyre range for the European market; Nokian calls it an “excellent choice for professional drivers and their modern delivery trucks and vans.” The company has also introduced a new van range for the Nordic and Russian regions, the Nokian Hakka C2. Nokian says this summer tyre is “tailored for the rough Northern roads” and “carries its heavier loads safely, precisely, and lightly.”

More detailed information about these new products will be released in mid-September, and Nokian says the first tyre lines will start shipping to retailers in late 2014.

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