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Mr. McIntyre shows his face on the latest Tyre Safety Month campaign material

Companies planning on supporting this October’s Tyre Safety Month campaign can now register to receive their free campaign materials. The month-long, TyreSafe-organised campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of driving on tyres with adequate tread depth, and after the wettest winter on record will include essential advice about minimising the risk of aquaplaning.

“The weather last winter was truly treacherous, and at times like these it’s essential that your tyres are safe and legal,” says TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson. “This October, we’ll be working hard to remind drivers about this by asking them to take the 20p test or to visit a local retailer for a free tyre safety check. However, we can only achieve so much on our own and I’d like to call upon as many organisations as possible to join us in raising awareness during the month and help make it the most successful tyre safety month to date.”

The campaign materials were launched yesterday at TyreSafe’s industry briefing and include leaflets, posters, as well as digital assets such as an animation and video demonstrating the dangers of aquaplaning. TyreSafe has also launched a dedicated campaign microsite with a host of other resources, including a series of case studies from previous campaigns that highlight how the campaign’s reach and effectiveness were significantly boosted through local community initiatives by TyreSafe partners.

“October may still seem like a while away, but you can be sure it will be here before you know it,” adds Jackson. “By ordering your materials today, you can be sure to receive them in good time so that you can plan some fantastic, high-impact activity in and around your own business.”

To register for tyre safety month campaign materials, visit or call 01787 226995.


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