Trelleborg introducing European industrial tyre dealer programme in North America

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has taken its European Interfit industrial tyre dealer support programme to North America, reports Tire Review. Officially launched on March 31, Interfit gives industrial tyre dealers the “opportunity to expand their business, generate more revenue and reach new customers,” Trelleborg said. The OTR tyre and wheel manufacturer has identified dealer networks as a development strategy in mature markets; it recently introduced its agricultural tyre dealer programme, Trelleborg Professional Centres, in the UK.

Free to qualifying solid tyre dealers, Interfit members receive “top notch support,” including marketing, technical support, IT resources, commercial advice and e-commerce sales assistance. Open enrolment has begun, Trelleborg said, and dealers can join at

“Interfit combines the best products in the market with the best servicing dealers,” said Jason Canning, Trelleborg Interfit programme manager. “There is no doubt that Interfit will become the largest national manufacturer-backed network in America.”

Already successfully operating in Europe, Canning explained that Interfit is an affinity program that supports dealers by providing a greater platform by which to help forklift customers and the marketing programmes and system to help them grow their solid tyre business.

Trelleborg said it currently has more than 100 solid tyre distributors and dealers eligible for the programme, and hopes the addition of Interfit will attract more.

“Savvy tyre dealers today know that importance of leveraging an online presence and they understand that they’ve got to be in a place where customers can find them,” said Canning. “They are not just sourcing information on a product, they are finding those dealers best equipped to support them with the right products and support services to reduce costly forklift downtime.” Tire Review


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