OE fitments for Yokohama’s ‘green’ tyres spread

More manufacturers are selecting Yokohama’s flagship environmental BluEarth tyres for their model ranges, according to the company. Manufacturers such as Toyota, Lexus and Honda have all chosen the products as original equipment on some of the most recent additions to the range of hybrid and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

In addition to developing low-impact tyres, Yokohama reports that it has also instigated a series of programmes to reduce the impact of tyre production, both in terms of manufacturing methods and raw materials. The adoption of Orange Oil Technology, for example, originally developed for motorsport tyres, reduces the proportion of petroleum-derived content while improving the grip and safety of the tyres.

In terms of product development, Yokohama designers looked closely at the tyres themselves when developing the BluEarth range, Yokohama’s most environmentally-friendly series of products. Innovations such as developing tread designs that not only provide excellent grip and safety but also, good aerodynamics. In addition, ‘golf ball’ sidewall profiles help to further reduce drag and contribute towards improved fuel efficiency.

Manufacturers have recognised the importance of the BluEarth range and it is for this reason that they have been chosen as OE on the latest Lexus IS 300h model, which uses hybrid technology to deliver exceptional fuel efficiency figures.

The BluEarth tyre is also used on the Honda Insight hybrid and has been awarded certification as a ‘Good energy saving tyre’ by the German standards authority, the TUV, for the flagship BluEarth AE-01.

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