Litchfield 102mm R35 GT-R Exhaust

Litchfield – the GT-R tuner – has released details of its latest exhaust system for the R35 variant. This latest system has been precision-fabricated in a substantial 102mm (4”) diameter is aimed at “those discerning owners that refuse to compromise on either soundtrack or performance for their car.”

Non-magnetic 304 stainless steel was chosen for the entire system construction, with precision TIG welding being used on all joints. With many of Litchfield’s road-engine conversions topping 1,000 bhp, these systems have had to be designed to cope with stresses and temperatures only usually reserved for seven-figure race exotica, so it’s very much a case of ‘belts and braces’ all round.

The proof of this is in the design. Just like the highest-quality race systems. Litchfield’s GTR exhaust design features stainless-steel ‘V’ bands, with male/female interlocking 316 grade flanges for a perfect gas seal. The rear silencer also features an additional ‘V’ band to allow for millimetre-perfect adjustment within the rear valance.

The trim feeder pipes feature AccuSeal clamps, which are the same items that BMW use on their top-end OEM fitments, and the silencer boxes themselves feature a Ultra-High-Temperature acoustic fibre for sonic damping, rather than the usual wire wool or glass-fibre strands found in lesser systems. Not only is this far more durable, and able to suffer the extreme abuse handed out by a tuned GT-R, but it also has a much nicer sound quality than either of these two material

Uniquely, he system also features a 102mm collector for optimum flow, and cleverly, can be ordered with a huge range of tailpipe options, including a wide array of quality aftermarket offerings, and even the OEM trims, if the customers wishes to remain ‘under the radar’ The system can be ordered either with or without a resonated centre section, depending on noise preferences, and for those looking to achieve maximum performance with full legality, a twin 100-cell sports cat system will be available later in 2014.

Benefitting from a lifetime warranty on the non-catted systems and what Litchfield modestly describes as ‘significant’ power gains, the Litchfield 102mm exhaust represents exceptional value at £1,995 + VAT for the non-resonated set-up and £2,150 + VAT for the resonated version.


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