Cosworth launches Subaru FA20 powertrain upgrade package at SEMA

Northampton power train supplier Cosworth has announced the completion of the first part of its multi-stage power package for Subaru’s FA20 powertrain. The Stage 1 upgrade brings together a fully tuned stainless steel exhaust system, a bespoke four into two into one exhaust manifold, a high-flow sports CAT, a high performance panel air filter and a specially mapped ECU program to ensure all these components work together in perfect harmony while conservatively improving power by approximately 24hp over the original equipment. The FA20 features in the Scion FR-S (Toyota GT86) and the Subaru BRZ. Cosworth is currently exhibiting the Stage 1 Power Package at Booth #23324 at Las Vegas’ SEMA Show.

Cosworth says the introduction at SEMA 2013 follows months of intensive feasibility studies to determine how best to extract new levels of performance from the existing powertrain. “Many tuners make a ‘performance’ exhaust by simply enlarging the bore and smoothing the curves, but Cosworth extended this potential much further,” said Mark Holcombe, head of Performance Aftermarket for Cosworth. “We analysed performance exhaust systems from several world leading manufacturers before identifying which gave the best power results, came closest to the standard noise levels, and proved greatest reliability and durability.”

Holcombe elaborated that the exhaust system Cosworth selected achieved these goals while delivering only half of the back pressure of the factory standard exhaust and even fitted far easier than a factory replacement exhaust.

Cosworth’s choice of induction filtration was equally thorough, again incorporating analyses of several different designs of induction kits before concluding that the optimum cold air supply was actually through the existing Cosworth Panel Air Filter, rather than an aftermarket solution.

Development of the power package also required assurances that the engine would work in conjunction with these tuning parts without giving error codes or flashing warning lights. This called for a complete new ECU map, and Cosworth’s solution was to develop four new maps.

The Cosworth Stage 1 has been designed from the outset to operate as a complete tuning solution with all components working in complete harmony. The package is designed to allow for future increased performance stages from Cosworth, and items such as the exhaust system will be capable of taking further increments in hp without the need to be replaced or upgraded.


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