BTC Completes Network Rollout

27th October 2009 | 0 Comments
BTC Completes Network Rollout

Bandvulc Tyre Contracts has recently completed establishing a network of road transport industry tyre suppliers. The company has evolved its network after what it refers to as a “rigorous selection process” involving every aspect of the suppliers’ operations. The project saw 21 key service providers supply all of the necessary pre-requisite documents and evidence of procedures in order that BTC could award levels of performance in key service areas.

“We have been targeting such a development for quite a while now,” commented Kevin McPherson, BTC manager for the Bandvulc Group. “By having our own network and working to a uniform standard for BTC, we are able to offer a sense of belonging to our partners.  All too often we hear of other network partnerships but in all probability we are one of the largest operators within this sector and yet had no real identity. I’m pleased to say that this has changed positively.” 
Group Sales Operations manager James Stranex added: “What we didn’t want was to carry out an audit for audit’s sake! We had always planned to have the highest standards possible and to encourage development and improvement within the new network, this I believe we have achieved.”

The successful agents form a network that covers the whole of the United Kingdom and provides a platform from which to deliver quality service levels to BTC’s customer portfolio.  The process is ongoing, BTC notes, and it is likely that additional members may join in the future.  In the meantime BTC reports continued successful growth and the company believes it is such successes that make the partner programme attractive and dynamic. 

“This additional phase of our development enhances our product offer even further, giving a sense of partnership to our members,” states Bandvulc Group commercial director Philip West. “Most importantly, it provides all of our customers with high quality service levels that are both robust and comprehensive.” 

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