European fleets participating in Goodyear/Redspher intelligent tyre programme

Goodyear Tire & Rubber is working with transport and logistics group Redspher on a pilot programme that pairs sensor-equipped Goodyear intelligent tyres with Redspher’s Rubiwin shared services platform. Under this partnership, the tyres will be fitted to high-mileage use delivery and service vans operated by fleets that are connected to Rubiwin. This will enable the ‘fast-capture’ of relevant data from these vehicles.

“Because some of these vans travel approximately 450 miles per day, this exercise provides feedback in demanding conditions, where high mileage and time-critical deliveries are essential,” explains Erin Spring, Goodyear director, New Ventures.

The fleets will benefit from continuously monitored and recorded wear rate and tyre pressure, which is paired with other vehicle data. The information is connected to Goodyear’s proprietary algorithms to enhance overall fleet operations and predict when the tyres require service or replacement. This more effectively helps keep the vehicles operating without interruption, a key in the on-time delivery and service segment.

“The importance of efficient fleet management is vital for Rubiwin members and us,” said Philippe Higelin, chief executive officer of Redspher. “The ability to use tyre information to enhance safety and performance is a win for all, especially in the on-demand delivery business where time is often critical.”


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