SimpleTire the fastest-growing automotive company in US

US-based tyre e-tailer SimpleTire has been named the fastest-growing automotive company in America by Inc. Magazine. A recent SimpleTire innovation was how it expanded its installation programme so consumers can receive a “white glove” installation at a flat rate.

SimpleTire achieved a three-year revenue growth rate of 1200.9 per cent, ranking it #383 on Inc.’s 2019 list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America. Last year, the company made Inc. Magazine’s list for the first time, ranking at #419, with three-year revenue growth of 1,197 per cent.

CEO Andy Chalofsky said: “Our sustained growth is a testament to the team we’ve assembled and the outstanding support we receive from our suppliers, partners and customers. As a private company, we understand the impact that small businesses have on our economy. That’s why our business model is built on providing small, independent tire suppliers with a place in the e-commerce market so they can continue to thrive.”

SimpleTire uses a low-cost, high-volume business model that supports and links thousands of independent tyre distributors and installation centres across the US into one data network. Instead of buying and reselling tyres like traditional retail models, the company uses data and technology to source tyre inventory for every type of vehicle from its network of suppliers. Through this approach, SimpleTire says it has the ability to have every tyre brand and category available to customers.


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