Exemplary wet and snow characteristics – victory for Vredestein in Auto Bild Sportscars winter tyre test

12th October 2018 | 0 Comments
Exemplary wet and snow characteristics – victory for Vredestein in Auto Bild Sportscars winter tyre test

We’ve got a winter tyre test in front of us, and for a change a Continental tyre hasn’t finished first. Auto Bild Sportscars evaluated ten size 245/45 R18 V tyres and crowned the Vredestein Wintrac Pro its winner.

The Vredestein tyre, unveiled in May, was rated ‘exemplary’ and praised for its “exemplary driving characteristcs on wet and snowy stretches.” The testers also lauded its dynamically balanced handling, precise steering response, short braking distances and pleasantly quiet ride noise.

Runner-up tyre the Continental WinterContact TS 850 P was also rated ‘exemplary’ thanks to its balanced characteristics, particularly wet and dry handling, dynamic steering response and short braking distance in the wet. The only real negative comment directed towards the Continental and Vredestein tyres related to their high purchase prices.

The third and final tyre to gain a place on the ‘exemplary’ podium was the Krisalp HP3 from Michelin’s Kleber brand. Although its lateral control in the wet was less than perfect, the Krisalp HP3 nevertheless dazzled the Auto Bild Sportscars testers in the snow and ice disciplines – they anointed the Kleber tyre their “winter king.” It also provided precise steering response, good aquaplaning safety reserves, ride comfort – all at an affordable price.

The following five tyres were rated ‘good’. All displayed more or less balanced winter qualities and performed well in the wet and dry. Each was nevertheless marked down for minor quirks; in the case of fourth-placed tyre the Dunlop Winter Sport 5, these were its slightly extended braking distance in the dry and only average aquaplaning performance. The Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance didn’t offer ultra grip – the Auto Bild Sportscars found this undistinguished, and in dry conditions they also detected a slight delay in steering response. The Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 lost marks for extended braking distance in the dry as well as rolling resistance. As for the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, criticism came in the form of minus points for mediocre lateral control on snow as well as for slightly extended wet braking distance. The Falken Eurowinter HS01 was sent to the naughty step for its high rolling resistance, and ride noise was also slightly elevated.

Comment about the Nexen Winguard Sport 2, the only tyre in the test to receive a ‘satisfactory’ rating, was a mixed bag. The testers commended the Nexen tyre for its “balanced driving characteristics on snowy and dry surfaces, short braking distance on snow” and “quiet ride noise,” however they thought the ninth-placed tyre offered insufficient aquaplaning safety reserves and its braking distance in the wet was a little longer than expected. Rolling resistance was also high.

Finishing in last place with the never coveted ‘not recommended’ rating, the Sunny Snowmaster SN3830 didn’t live up to its name. Braking distance in the snow was longer than expected, and the Sunny-shod test car took its time coming to a stop in the wet as well – the Auto Bild Sportscars testers wrote that the Snowmaster SN3830 provided “inadequate aptitude in the wet, with poor lateral control and much too long braking distances.” Neither good ride comfort and rolling resistance nor low purchase price could compensate for these deficits.

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