Sumitomo introduces ‘Sensing Core’ tyre technology

Sumitomo Rubber reports that the company has developed a new tyre-sensing technology called Sensing Core. Sensing Core is designed to detect road conditions, tyre load and other information by analyzing the wheel speed signals that are generated by the rotation of the tyres. Sumitomo says the technology will play a role in the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology.

Sensing Core technology is the evolution of Sumitomo Rubber’s previously introduced DWS (Deflation Warning System), which analyzes wheel speed signals from the rotation of tyres to detect and notify the driver of decreases in tyre air pressure. The new system eliminates the need for additional, dedicated sensors by utilizing software to detect tire pressure directly from existing wheel speed signals. The new method reduces installation cost and eliminates maintenance, according to the tyre maker.

Sensing Core uses a proprietary algorithm to detect information and share it with the driver and the vehicle itself. By analyzing and performing statistical processing of wheel speed signals, the system is able to detect decreases in tyre air pressure and estimate road conditions (slipperiness), the load applied to each tyre and other information in real time.


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