Tyre wholesale: T.T.I. acquires Twen-Tyre

Netherlands-based wholesaler Tire Trading International (T.T.I.) has taken a majority shareholding in another Dutch tyre wholesaler, Van Aalderen Twen-Tyre B.V. Reporting the acquisition, T.T.I. states that while Twen-Tyre will continue to operate independently and still offer its highly appreciated four-times-a-day delivery service, it will benefit from the greater buying power that T.T.I. enjoys and gain access to an even larger product range.

T.T.I. views its new alliance with Twen-Tyre as another step in the growth strategy it has followed since 2015, a strategy that goes beyond improving company output through a focus on efficiency and cutting costs – the wholesaler also aims to grow through strategic alliances with other companies that share the same background.

According to Peter-Alexander van ‘t Hof, a fourth generation ‘tyre man’, acquiring related firms that share the same business values is essential for his company’s long-term continuance. “In order to survive in this very challenging market, we need to be able to support our suppliers even more and to offer our clients better and faster services,” he states. “T.T.I. and Twen-Tyre supplement each other with the brands and products they carry. This means our clients can be serviced even better now.”

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