Lassa opens flagship store in Portugal

Lassa Tyres recently launched its first store in Portugal with the aim of expanding the brand’s presence all over the country. Lassa Tyres’ first flagship store in Portugal is Quim Dos Pneus in Aramar and was inaugurated on 2 July 2016. Spread over an area of 22 m2, Quim Dos Pneus is with well-equipped one-stop solution for car owners encompassing all tyre related services.

Joaquim da Silva Cardoso Pinto, owner of Quim Dos Pneus commented: “As Quim Dos Pneus we are very much excited about the opening of Lassa Tyres’ first flagship shop in Armamar. We are also very happy about the opportunity to grow the Lassa Tyres brand throughout this region. Lassa Tyres are designed to match the driving needs of Portuguese customers in all possible aspects with its wide range of passenger, 4×4 tyres and commercial tyres.”

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