Bert Stellinga leaves Pon Tyre Group

After more than seven years at Pon/Continental Banden Groep, Bert Stellinga is to leave the company on 1 May 2016 in order to pursue “a career outside Pon”. Latterly Stellinga was director of marketing intelligence and pricing at Pon Tyre Group. Before that, he was managing director of Continental Banden Groep (the Dutch arm of the major German-based tyre manufacturer), which is run by Pon. Prior to this Stellinga was Vredestein UK managing director. No further details about where Stellinga is going have been released. News about who will replace him at Pon Group will follow in due course.

Stellinga’s departure letter adds a little more detail: “I was appointed as managing director of Continental Banden Groep on 1 February 2009 and it was my pleasure and honour to fulfil this role successfully until 1 September 2015. From 1 September 2015 I took up the role of director of marketing intelligence and pricing at Pon Tyre Group…”.

Regarding the timing of his departure, Stellinga added: “Marketing intelligence has been my responsibility since late 2012. This project is part of an overall change project to further optimize the predictability of supply and demand. I am pleased that we have now come to a professional team for marketing intelligence in Pon Tyre Group, supported by the appropriate IT infrastructure and with the achievement of this milestone, I find it the right time to take the next step in my career.”

Stellinga described the strategic partnership between Pon and Continental AG; the growth of connection between Conti and Pon; and extension and renovation of the firm’s distribution centre as particular highlights of his time with the company.

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