Sailun launches 6-month World Child Cancer Challenge

Sailun has invited its key distributors and partners to participate in its six-month World Child Cancer (WCC) Challenge. Aimed at distributors in the EU, but not discounting partners from other regions, the Sailun WCC Challenge tasks is to raise as much money as possible between 1 November 2015 and 30 April 2016. The manufacturer is assisting its dealers with fundraising documents; Sailun and WCC branded baseball caps, t-shirts and postcards intended to heighten awareness of the initiative; and media communications.

The tyre manufacturer is also offering the opportunity to win a trip for five to Vietnam for the winning distributor in two categories: the largest amount (euros) raised and the most raised pro rata (based on the latest official market size by tyre type – PCR or TBR – of the countries covered for Sailun by each distributor). Sailun adds that the main incentive is to raise money and awareness for WCC.

Sailun added that the initiative represents “a great point of difference” for its partners and the Sailun brand, recommending the appointment of a team member to be the Sailun WCC challenge ambassador. Sailun’s UK commercial tyre distributor, Kirkby Tyres, has already signalled its intention to support the initiative.

The total amount raised, and the winners of the two major prizes, will be announced at the Sailun Gala Dinner to be held on Wednesday 25 May at Schloss Hugenpoet, (during Reifen 2016).

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