Off-road versatility from SD International

SD International has a trio of 4×4 tyres available through its private Zeta and Pace brands alongside the exclusive Maxtrek label. The Maxtrek range presents four rugged, off-road tyre’s suitable for all types of 4×4/SUV vehicles with the Sierra S6 pattern on offer in 46 sizes from 215/75R 15 to 31×10.5R and the SMT-A8 in three sizes from 225/70RC through to 225/65R 17. The SU800 has 31 size options from 225/75R up to 31.10.50 16LT6 plus the Mud Digger pattern is currently available in 12 sizes from LT265/75R 16-8 to LT35 x 12.50R 15.6.

The Toledo 4×4 range from Zeta and Pace is manufactured to suit multi-purpose and 4×4 front wheel drive vehicles. The Toledo incorporates a special tread profile to improve all-terrain traction. Offset tread blocks provide low noise levels, while a five row aggressive tread pattern, including self-cleaning lugs, provides increased grip. Tractive zig-zag grooves give a high level of traction, instant steering response and reassuring grip when combating difficult muddy and loose surfaces. The Toledo 4×4 range is available in six sizes from LT235/75R through to 275/65R.

Both Pace and Zeta offer the Azura 4×4 high performance pattern, produced to give premium drive performance within the prestige end of the 4×4 and SUV vehicle market, SD International states. The Azura 4×4 range includes a unique ‘V’ shaped non-directional tread pattern with enhanced tyre rotation to ensure a reassuring high speed ride performance.

Other features include a solid centre rib for strong stability at high speeds and a double groove design that significantly improves wet traction and reducing vibration. The range is currently available in H, V and W speed  ratings and sizes from 225/65R17 up to 315/35 ZR20.


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