Customer trends drive Kirkby Tyres’ growth

Despite the current super competitive truck tyre marketplace, Kirkby Tyres reports that the Liverpool-based tyre wholesaler has maintained both its volumes and market share across both the replacement and original equipment markets. The firm has done this with three brand strategy (Double Coin, Sailun and Longmarch) as well as by offering free next day delivery.

The result is that Kirkby is once again expanding and has invested in further land alongside its current premises for additional warehousing. Once complete, this will take Kirkby’s main depot and central distribution centre to just over nine acres.

From a product perspective, Kirkby Tyres reports that the Double Coin RT600 range has been developed specifically to cater for increased demand in local and regional delivery trucks due to growing e-commerce pickup and delivery (P&D) requirements. According to the company, the RT600 is “ideal for P&D and regional applications”. The tyre’s enhanced tread compounds and siping are designed to “fight irregular wear and provide long life in regional, urban and all-position applications.” And s comes with it “durable casing with sidewall protectors” that support “multiple retreads” too.

The latest RT600 size is 205/65 R17.5 129/127J, which is expected to be more popular in the coming years. In the meantime it is only produced by a handful, making it something of a niche product.

The RR208 front axle tipper tyre is also new to Kirkby Tyres. According to the company, the unique design of the tyre’s middle pattern block, which comes complete with stone guards, prevents irregular abrasion. The RR208 is available in 295/80 R22.5 and 315/80 R22.5 fitments.

Overall, Kirkby Tyres representatives report that Double Coin is “getting fantastic results in EU label testing”. The RT910 super single trailer tyre, which sports A, B, 73dB ratings on the label is a particularly clear example.

As well as offering the aforementioned range of Double Coin products, Kirkby Tyres also offers Sailun truck tyres. The latest new products from this manufacturer include: the S701 long-haul drive, the S702 regional drive and the S629 long-haul/regional steer tyres.

The S701 is designed for long-distance journeys with a specialised rubber tread compound for abrasion performance. This product is available in sizes: 295/60 R22.5; 295/60 R22.5; 295/80 R22.5; 315/60 R22.5; 315/70 R22.5; and 315/80 R22.5.

The S702 features a high wear resistance and low heat generation compound designed to maximise service life. This tyre comes in: 205/75 R17.5; 215/75 R17.5; 225/70 R19.5; 235/75 R17.5; 245/70 R19.5; 265/70 R19.5; 285/70 R19.5; 295/60 R22.5; 295/80 R22.5; 315/60 R22.5; 315/70 R22.5; and 315/80 R22.5.

In the last month, Kirkby have appointed a number of tyre retailers throughout the UK & Ireland as official Sailun dealers. However, the firm is still on the lookout for more. Dealers will receive: preferential pricing, point of sales material, workwear for fitters and sales representatives, signage and POS material, corporate trips for them and their customers and regular product training from Sailun and Kirkby Tyres as part of the partnership.

Completing, the wholesaler’s truck tyre triumvirate, Longmarch is Kirkby’s value offering. Covering almost all sizes and applications in 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5-inch sizes, all Longmarch tyres are said to be regroovable and certain customers have advised that they have been able to successfully retread the tyres up to three times. Indeed Kirkby representatives told T&A: “Customer feedback and tyre testing are proving that the Longmarch brand is among the very best in the value truck tyre segment.”


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