Hankook UK bus and truck tyre market leader in 2014

In September Tyres & Accessories published a truck tyre market analysis suggesting there has been a massive shift in UK truck tyre market share distribution in the five years since the last time we did a study of this kind. In short, we found that the market is no longer the three-horse race it was in 2009 when Bridgestone and Michelin were fairly evenly matched ahead of Hankook in third place. Instead it looked like it had become a five-horse race, with Hankook and Goodyear Dunlop duking it out at the top. Of course, we have to be conscious that this all refers to sales volume data (tyre unit sales) as opposed to sales values (and the pound notes tell a wholly different story), however the overall point remains extremely pertinent to understanding what is going in the market.

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