TIF aiming to make 2015 a year of collaboration

The Tyre Industry Federation (TIF), reports that it is aiming to raise awareness of its operations and the progress on matters of national importance through high-profile educational campaigns, engaging with stakeholders and fostering collaboration on key business and sustainability issues.

The new plan, follows a comprehensive strategic review undertaken by TIF in order to pinpoint the issues that matter most to the tyre industry. Among the top issues to be addressed will be improving road safety, protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

“I’m delighted that the Tyre Industry Federation is taking a leading role in addressing the issues that matter most to our industry’s future,” says Stuart Jackson, TIF chairman and MD of Apollo Vredestein UK. “Improved collaboration across our industry will help us to make progress more quickly, support members’ businesses and highlight the role that the tyre industry can play in a sustainable, thriving economy.

“We have already taken some important steps to create greater clarity on key health and safety issues,” he continues. “This starts with education – helping companies and their employees to understand how to stay safe in the workplace, avoid injury and minimise downtime.”

TIF and HSE consultation results in TRISAG guides

In consultation with the Health & Safety Executive, TIF members have supported the Tyre and Rubber Industries Safety Action Group (TRISAG) in creating a series of in-depth, best practice guides on multiple aspects of health and safety in the tyre industry. The guides, which can be found on all tyre industry association websites, cover topics including roadside changes and loading vans, as well as carrying and stacking tyres.

TIF has also published a detailed guide to regulations on used tyres, following a year of in-depth research. In 2015, the organisation will meet with the Department for Transport, the National Measurement Office (NMO) and support the NTDA’s Tyre Industry Conference. TIF will also prepare data on tyre industry trends and analysis and develop a guide on managing commercial vehicle tyres.


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