Marangoni consolidates, adds to tread ranges

New addition: The MS101L is intended for drive axle fitment on short-haul applications

Upgrades and extensions to several of Marangoni’s pre-cure tread ranges are now complete; Marangoni Retreading Systems refers to the changes made to its PRL, PRL Kontur and Unitread cold pre-cured flat and concave strip lines as “simplifications” and says one benefit to arise is that it can now publish a single product catalogue that covers all three ranges.

According to Marangoni, the rationalisation it carried out not only allows for the elimination of certain overlaps between products with substantially similar characteristics; it will also provide “improved satisfaction” for European retreaders. This satisfaction is drawn from the fact that the entire tread portfolio is now available both in the company’s two central stores, which are located in Germany (Henstedt-Ulzburg) and Italy (Ferentino), and in two so-called peripheral locations – Izmir, Turkey and, closer to home, Stoke-on-Trent.

The strip range in question incorporates both Marangoni’s premium PRL and Kontur lines plus the price-oriented products in the Unitread range. The manufacturer says that the three brands provide a complete portfolio for every user segment in Europe. Marangoni describes each range’s unique features as follows:

– PRL is a range of full-custom traditional pre-cured tread strips: these are cut to measure based on tyre size, saving time for the retreader and creating less wasted material. Combining advanced patterns with tread depths similar to those of equivalent new tyres, and the latest generation compounds, PRL strips are suitable for retreading very high quality casings, ideal for particularly demanding customers.

– PRL Kontur is a range of concave strips with wings, whose profile adapts perfectly to the shape of the casing. Marangoni says the line is perfect for high quality retreading in specific segments, such as super-singles and bus tyres.

– Unitread is a range of flat strips for retreading in applications where the price-to-performance ratio is especially important. Moreover, Marangoni regards the Unitread range as ideal for use in warmer regions and for retreading casings that undergo less stress.

Finally, the PRL line-up has recently been extended with the introduction of a new pattern, MS101L. This tread is designed for use on the drive axles of light or medium-weight trucks doing deliveries over short distances. It is an all-season pattern with characteristics that make it especially suitable for winter use: the numerous transversal grooves in fact ensure exceptional grip on more slippery roads, as well as good traction on both dry and wet surfaces. The MS101L is available in sizes from 180 mm to 220 mm.

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