Chemix Autocentres reports 70% increase in air conditioning related calls

With 95 per cent of new cars being sold with air conditioning as standard, Chemix Autocentres is reporting that the company has seen an almost 70 per cent increase in calls relating to air conditioning related problems.

During the winter many motorists choose not to use the air conditioning and have found the air generated and blown into the car is warm or a stale unpleasant odour is present.

Air conditioning services are recommended every 12 to 18 months. The refrigerant used in car air conditioning diminishes by 15 per cent annually. Often during winters, when the system is not in use, seals can dry out which deteriorates the productivity of the unit.

Part of a service would see any old refrigerant drained out of the system and then regenerated allowing the system to perform to its maximum efficiency.

Chemix Autocentres can be found Halesowen, Wordsley and Wednesfield have invested in the Air Conditioning technology and with fully trained technicians at each site. cja



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