GSF Car Parts help garages maximise aircon profits

GSF Car Parts has launched new deals on its Dunlop Air Con machines

GSF Car Parts has just launched new deals on the Dunlop Air Con machines for R134a and new R1234YF refrigerants.

The Dunlop DACP150 is a quality European-made automatic air con machine that’s available with a vehicle database and many other features for just over £1,500 + VAT delivered, but only whilst stocks last.

“We’ve got the choice that garages are looking for, covering everything from really cost competitive packages right through to premium brands for those that want the peace of mind that comes from buying the best,” said John Wright, GSF’s head of garage equipment and customer development.

GSF Car Parts also offer national field support on air conditioning. This covers equipment servicing, on-site warranty repairs and F-Gas safe refrigerant handling training too.

“We can supply everything garages need to maximise air con profits this summer,” added John. “This includes some exceptional prices on 12 kg cylinders of R134a as well.”


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