Gentipak to build new factory

Pakistan-based publication The International News reported on 29 October that The General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited, or Gentipak, will establish a new manufacturing facility in the country’s north. Details of this plan were given by company chairman Lt Gen (Retired) Ali Kuli Khan Khattak at a gathering to commemorate Gentipak’s half-century in Pakistan.

“General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan has contributed around Rs16.5 billion (£94.3 million) to national exchequer in the last three decades,” he said. “I am sure our dedicated workforce led by their able captain will help me realise my dream of setting up a plant in the north.”

Gentipak chief executive Shahid Hussain added that the company’s success “does not hinge on doing things in isolation.” He continued: “We have a very good understanding with our equity holder Continental AG and its director on our board Dr. Willi Flamm. Similarly, we have a very good understanding with our other equity partners, including Pak Kuwait Investment Company and National Investment Trust.”

The tyre maker participates in a technical services agreement with Continental AG and through this holds the rights to produce the General tyre brand in Pakistan. Continental also provides the company with technical assistance. According to the Gentipak website, annual production capacity currently stands at around 2 million units, with some 50 per cent of output sold to OEM customers. Earlier this year the company invested Rs 500 million (£2.9 million) in its motorcycle tyre production.


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