Goodyear’s UG7 Wins ADAC Test

22nd September 2005 | 0 Comments

ADAC, the German automotive association, has published its new winter tyre test results. Engineers tested tyres in sizes 175/65 R14T and 195/65 R15T – and Goodyear’s Ultra Grip 7 was declared the winner in both categories.

In the smaller size Bridgestone’s Blizzak LM 20 and Pirelli’s Snowcontrol followed Goodyear, as did Semperit’s Wintergrip. Bringing up the rear was Matador.

Dunlop came close to the UG7 in the 15 inch tyre tests with its new winter tyre Winter Sport 3D. Also praised by the testing engineers was Vredestein’s Snowtrac 2 (followed closely by Vredestein’s second brand Maloya) and again Pirelli’s Snowcontrol.

All of the ADAC test results, along with other up-to-date test results will be listed on the T&A website under “Infopool” and “Tyre Tests”.

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