Maxxis to unveil first European runflat tyre, M36+

Tuesday 19th April 2016 | 0 Comments

Maxxis’ first runflat tyre for the European market, the M36+
Maxxis’ first runflat tyre for the European market, the M36+

Maxxis has launched its first runflat tyre for the European market, the M36+. The new product will be unveiled at Reifen 2016 in Essen, Germany next month, and Maxxis states the new line “will affirm its commitment to continuous innovation for mid-range buyers.”

The M36+ runflat is designed to deliver performance in wet and dry weather conditions. Its advanced bead filler rubber compound minimises heat generation and tyre area deformation, securing the tyre and wheel assembly. It helps to improve durability under zero inflation pressure, and, Maxxis adds, offers drivers a comfortable ride. Its construction design and rubber compound forms the foundation of the Maxxis Run-Flat System (MRS). This was developed with Maxxis’ latest rayon body ply material, which increases heat resistance, maintains tyre integrity and durability, and therefore increases safety.

Maxxis states that the launch of the M36+ is one of its most significant to date. Managing director of international sales, Lenny Lee, says: “Having been supplying the Chinese aftermarket with our range of M36+ tyres for the last couple of years, we are delighted to welcome it into the European aftermarket. The M36+ represents a huge step forward in ensuring we uphold our position as one of the world’s top ten tyre manufacturers, so having increased our manufacturing capacity, as well as made substantial advances in our manufacturing processes, we are pleased to welcome it into Europe.

“Until now, our dealers have only been able to offer customers premium brands run flat tyres, so we are certain that following the launch of our M36+, many of our dealers will now stock Maxxis in order to provide their customers with a high quality, mid-range alternative.”

The M36+ is expected to be available in the UK via its distributor Stapleton’s from the beginning of May.

Maxxis M36+ runflat size range

  • 205/55ZR16
  • 225/55ZR16
  • 225/45ZR17
  • 225/50Z17
  • 225/55ZR17
  • 245/45ZR18
  • 245/50ZR18

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