Bridgestone is Most Recommended 4×4 Tyre Brand

Monday 1st March 2010 | 0 Comments

The latest market research on which 4x4 tyre brands are most recommended to customers suggests that the theory that premium brands have been able to hold their share in the market are likely to be true. In the case of Bridgestone (the most recommended 4x4 tyre brand in the survey) this means the company’s tyres are recommended 18.02 per cent of the time, almost twice as much as the nearest competitor. The number two spot is held by Pirelli, whose tyres are recommended 10.4 per cent of the time. Together with Goodyear (9.92%); Michelin (7.2%); Avon (6.40%); Continental (5.92%); and Dunlop (2.48%), this means premium brands account for over 60 per cent of recommendations. Encircles’ data doesn’t report the specifics of conversion rates, but if the majority of these recommendations are converted into sales (something which is generally considered to be the case) then this premium-heavy metric would put the 4x4 sector way ahead of the passenger car sector as a whole which is considered to be comprised of about 30 per cent premium tyres.

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