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Toyo Tyres For Lotus In The USA

16th January 2008 | 0 Comments

Toyo has introduced two new sizes of its Proxes R888 D.O.T.-approved tyre specifically for fitment on both the Lotus Exige and Elise automobiles. These are the first D.O.T. approved competition tyres that Toyo has offered in sizes suited for the Lotus, the sizes being 195/50R16 front and 225/45R17 rear. Launched in mid-year 2007, the race-winning Proxes R888 features a semi-slick shoulder area and stiff sidewall. The result for the already capable Lotus cars is racecar-like handling which is ideal for road racing, track days, driving schools and performance street driving.

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Degussa Develops The Car Battery Of The Future

20th November 2006 | 0 Comments

The car batteries of the future will have to be small, light, and considerably more powerful, says Düsseldorf-based Degussa AG. The company is developing novel materials for lithium-ion batteries that make possible a new generation of starter batteries weighing only 2.5 kg. The new batteries are now being used — under the demanding conditions of motorsport — in a Lotus-manufactured racing car. “This is an extremely light and highly efficient battery,” says Klaus Hedrich, head of Degussa's Automotive Industry Team. One of the most important aims in motorsport is to keep the racing cars as light as possible. In comparison with conventional starter batteries, which weigh between 15 and 20 kg, this design results in unprecedented low weight.

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QuickSilver “Titanium” Exhaust for Lotus Elise 111R/Exige 2

3rd March 2006 | 0 Comments

QuickSilver has produced a new "Titanium" exhaust system for the Lotus Elise 111R/Exige 2, some 60 per cent lighter than the stock model.

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Yokohama OE on Lotus Elise and Exige Ranges

16th January 2006 | 0 Comments

Yokohama has been selected to supply OE tyres to the Lotus’ 2006 Elise and Exige ranges. The Lotus Elise 111R and Lotus Elise Sports Racer are both fitted with the Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 tyre, which has been developed specifically for the demands of Lotus models. Furthermore, the entire Exige range is fitted with the company’s Advan A048 tyres as standard. The A048 is designed primarily for track day users, but is also e-marked and therefore road-legal.

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Titanium Exhaust for Lotus Owners

13th July 2005 | 0 Comments

QuickSilver Exhaust Systems achieved considerable success with its stainless steel ‘Sports’ exhaust system for the Lotus Elise 111R and the Lotus Exige 2. Now the company has developed a Titanium version of the product.

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Wheels With Teeth

29th March 2005 | 0 Comments

Overfinch, the company that brought us the performance Range Rover 30 years ago, has now released a 22 inch alloy, which it simple calls “Tiger.” The alloy wheel, is claimed to be “the largest made in the UK to date,” according to the companies involved. The 22 x 9 inch product has a 12 spoke design, uses a stainless steel rim and features the correct steering offset for the Range Rover. As a result, Overfinch says that this means there is no increase in turning circle or fouling on suspension or bodywork. The new wheel was engineered specifically for third generation Range Rovers and employs OE ‘shoulder’ nuts as “the only safe method of anchoring wheels to a 2700 kilogram vehicle.” The design has been tested in Europe by the respected TUV centre and was produced and developed in conjunction with Rimstock plc, a company that supplies Aston Martin, MG Rover, Lotus, Morgan, VAG and Mitsubishi.

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New Land Rover 3 and Discovery 3 Exhausts

11th February 2005 | 0 Comments

Quicksilver has launched a stainless steel exhaust system specially designed for the new Land Rover 3 and Discovery 3 V8 petrol and Turbo Disel V6. According to the company, the new products are for “bold confident people who enjoy making a fashion statement,” and provide “a distinguished air of supremacy.”

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